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Online presence in today's world is vital for all the existing businesses. Over 80% of potential customers browse online for the availability of any kind of product or service. Online portal helps you to establish credibility as a business. We help you to take your business at its peak of success through offering vast spectrum of web design solutions. We provide our clients with following web facilities:

  • Static Informative Websites: These Websites contains web pages with fixed content. Non-changeable content on your business websites is uploaded and thence your hassle is over of informing your customers about every single detail over and over again. They can visit your website and refer to it for any kind of information they require about your work profile.
  • Dynamic Informative Websites: These websites are also informative. But an additional feature to this kind of website is that the client can access the website and can change the content uploaded as per their personal requirements. They can access the website through the Admin Panel that is provided to them.
  • Fully Dynamic Website: We also build dynamic websites for our clients. These websites have abundance of features like generation of coupon codes, unlimited items can be listed with unlimited categories of display along with Cart checkout. Clients can also add media types such as sounds, animations, graphics etc, to the website and it also allows the client to add a COD payment Gateway. Websites also have a feature of separate account for the regular customer. These kinds of websites are best suited for growing businesses.
  • E-Commerce Websites: We offer well executed website design that protect reliability and capability in your business. As a web designing company we understand the value that design plays in portraying your company to consumer of your brand. These types of websites are mostly owned by the well established companies. Most peculiar feature of the website is its online payment gateway and it also includes all the features of other websites that are mentioned above.
  • We use following technologies to build web-site

    Clikzop Solutions
    Clikzop Solutions
    Clikzop Solutions
    Clikzop Solutions
    SQL Server


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