Whats App Marketing

Now use WhatsApp for your business promotions. WhatsApp being the world’s fastest growing messenger in the present era can be a great platform to promote your business. We promote your brand name through WhatsApp. Almost every person is active on the WhatsApp and it can bring you loads of benefits. WhatsApp is the best platform for customer communication. A person might ignore a promotional text message but WhatsApp messages are noticeable and people are more likely to respond to it. Clikzop allows you to share your information with more than 256 recipients at one time. Clients can share content, videos, V-Card, Banners and what not. Clients can also share messages ranging from Fifty thousand to one lakh in number at one time. We can do any number extending from one to fifty lakhs. Unbelievable isn’t it? Well, we do it for you with just a click.

  • Whats App For Business Promotions

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    • 10,000 Minimum


    • 30,000 Minimum


    • 60,000 Minimum


    • 1,00,000 Minimum


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